About #UAEM – Universities Allied for Essential Medicine

Founded in 2001, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) is a global student organization which seeks to improve access to medicines in low and middle income countries.

Many important medicines and public health technologies are developed in academic laboratories. Their accessibility in poor nations is profoundly affected by the research, patenting and licensing decisions made by universities.

We believe our universities have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health goods. Our mission is to ensure that all people worldwide have access to life-saving medicines researched and discovered at universities.

Europe’s UAEM division is guided by the European Board and European Coordinating Committee. UAEM Europe is powered by students in over 10 different countries and in each country, their local chapters.

For more information on UAEM, visit our Europe and Global pages.

Quelle: About UAEM


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